55 Years to Republic

Completing the process of Independence, as Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley E.G.H, O.R, Q.C., M.P. puts it, has taken 55 years.

After years of on again off again discussion and consultation, we have finally done the deed. The road has been a bit bumpy at times, and the debate heated. However, I do think that this move did not necessitate a referendum. It has always been the natural outcome. The vote has been cast in the natural order of things and one should not fight the inevitable, even as surely one should also not hasten it.

We were independent but not apparently grown up enough to say in effect, “Mudda Let Go Ma Hand.”

Mudda Let Go Ma Hand

Mudda let go ma han’

I doan want ya holding ma han’

I doan need you walking wid me

I grown up now Mudda

Mudda let go ma han’

I ain no baby no more

I doan need you following me

I ent want you keeping watch ova me

Mudda let go ma han’

I doan wanna be in ya shadow no more

I wanna do ma own ting

An’ I doan wanna sense or feel you dey

when I making ma decisions

Mudda let go ma hand

Mudda believe it or not I can fight ma own battles

I been learning all along

I can “punch above ma weight”

An’ I doan want people seeing you hanging roun’

like if I still a chile

Mudda let go ma hand!

So ‘Mudda’ will no more be watching. ‘Mudda’ shall no longer have the de facto authority to veto any move of your will. ‘Mudda’ will have no more right to know what’s going on in your life; ‘Mudda’ will only know if you choose to tell, or if someone you told tells ‘Mudda’, and ‘Mudda’ will not be entitled to put her two cents in. ‘Mudda’ can truly only advise you now if you ask for advice.

And as any proper ‘Mudda’ would say: “Know I’m there if you need me.”

And let go ya hand.



Notes: EGH=Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart (Kenya) O.R.=Order of Roraima (Guyana)

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