Spring Cleans


In Spring the wind changes.

As the winds change we take advantage of this Seasonal phenomenon to clean, clear out, and come more into alignment with all that is Natural to us.  We…


Spring Clean.

Nature provides this, Nature might take it away

Clearing and cleaning our homes has a traditional significance at this time.  It is not so much a chore as practice; a habit to restore our habitat to that order which so becomes us.

The birds are singing and twittering their tales of a Winter past, of a new birth and a new beginning to the rest of our lives.

Enjoy what Nature has to offer, and remember that Nature is NEVER cruel.  Like an ardent housekeeper she may sometimes clear out all that is not in keeping with her particular designs.  So do not rail against Nature, even when she removes a few of us from her home, her embrace.  She is the real boss and the Earth her domain.

As the wind changes, and winds continue to change during the Springtime, do not fail to shift with the tide and ride the waves calmly.

Be as thankful for her destructive capability as for her healing ambience, for they are one and the same.  She clears a path for growth -in our thoughts, our outlook, in how we perceive our place in this world.  She shakes us up even as she shakes the earth beneath our feet, reminding us to be humble; and grateful.

Nature, when she destroys, is fairer than Man because Nature has the right-working within all laws-allowing us transition that is meaningful.  But when Man destroys it is unnatural and disrupts the harmony of the Cosmos. With no meaningful transition or wholesome purpose, it grates on our natural sense.

Nature has long loved us

Nature has long loved us and provided for us despite our behaviour and our treatment of her.  Do not chaff against the powerful displays of her awesomeness, or cuss her when she flexes her muscles.  As mere Human beings we must respect Nature.  We may think we master it but we cannot rule her.

We bow to Nature’s will, willingly.

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