Correspondence UK

 My Dear MacCallister,

I haven’t heard from you since the last call and can’t seem to get in touch.  I’m a bit worried.  How is it going now? If you can’t write get a line again and call me.

Your hand should have healed by now I expect. Next time you’re near oil products with a man that doesn’t like you, watch him.

I’m up to my ears in work all of a sudden. The coronavirus bug sort of confused things, and we had a bit of re-arranging to do, but we’re working on a new stratagy now that Boris opening up things again.

I’m off to Africa and Scandinavia soon as can be arranged, could be as soon as next month look like, that’s why I want you to get in touch. Want to know you’re all right. Also want to wire you some money. Special.

Just in case you can get a boat out, that place in Grenada looking ok. Grandma and Sis holding something for you.

friends for life,

Matey Bouche

Me, Kiefer, and the Woman

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