What’s Your Passion In Life?

A passion is not a dream. It is the thing you love doing and embrace the most.
Some people have a passion for cooking. Some for eating. Some have a passion for gardening. Some have a passion for acting, from amateur theatricals to films. Instafilms anyone?

My passion is for the sea.

As an island girl it always drew me. I got much of my respect and love of it from my maternal grandfather. He rocked and swayed as he walked for the first few days after he got off ship. The first day quite a bit (helped a bit by the booze-up to celebrate his safe return) and the next couple days on and off as his brain got used to terra firma again.
As a Seaman he had me in awe with the look of him, his smell the first day back, the gifts he brought, his tales and stories, and his admonishment to ALWAYS respect the sea.
The sea charms us. It sooths us, calms us sometimes, inspires us, provdes for us and can easily kill us. 

I was learning to dive when one of my friends so died.  This shook me more than would be normal because I had been in the same dive party as he the previous evening, the evening on which he “went missing”.  I woke the following morning to the radio news that he had gone missing that evening and would later hear that they had found the body of my Policeman friend Scantlebury who was no learner like I was, but a seasoned and experienced diver. He died while enjoying one of his passions; perhaps through no fault of his own.

His death gave me pause. There are relatively few scuba diving deaths because of the care that goes into instructing qualifying and equipment training. Accidents are relatively rare. Any deaths are usually because of pre-existing medical conditions impacting on a minor event.

I decided despite my sickle-cell anaemia that scuba diving was safe. Oxygen was supposed to be good for me and the cells 🙂 and I’d have a tankfull on my back.

I went back to basics in the hotel pools for 3 refresher sessions and headed back out into open water for final training practice and a new lease on life.

As long as we follow the rules in most things all is well.

Respect the Sea and it will respect you.   

To quote Michael Ange “there are few things that rival the experience of being suspended weightlessly in warm, clear tropical water effortlessly along a colorful coral reef” – 10 Myths About Diving

If you are following my New Year Rules and have not tried scuba or any form of diving as yet, why not learn to dive in 2021? There are online courses to get you prepared and acquainted with marine life and what to expect as a diver.

Then once in Barbados give a tropical dive a go.   There are schools and competent instructors who can help you hone your skills while having unbelievable fun experiences.

According to Clinical Psychologist Laura, of Girls that Scuba, “The beliefs we hold about ourselves often prevent us from realising the things we are capable of”.

 What’s your passion?

Gfish Barbados

Girls That Scuba

Diving Barbados


    • Thank you. I was thinking of my New Year Rules and what I could learn this year which led me to thinking that I should try something which was not my cup of tea, which somehow led me to thinking of what my real passion was. Lol What is your passion?

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is a nice thinking line 🙂 My passion is travel. Since cannot so much do that this year I am also forced to think about those things which can also enjoy and maybe try some new hobbies as well.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Maybe virtual dancing? Hehehe
          Don’t tell anyone, but I decided on tictok. 🙄 Going to try to learn how to do all that stuff AND keep up with the young people. I am 61 tomorrow (remember, tell no one) and by the end of the year I hope to have mastered some aspect of it. Mind you, I still have to learn to use WordPress properly! Going to be a great year!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Happy Birthday, hei!!! I hope you had a lovely celebration of your 61st year 😀 If you master virtual dancing and tic Tok you should start offering lessons!

            Liked by 1 person

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