Musing Me and My Elements

Me and my elements! We have been musing. We have been…..whatever we do when we feel a major change coming. And my question is, what should I do?! This Blog is, well, more a part of me, and more important to me than I surmised.

So to the muse (I Self Muse sometimes) and where it all stands:

Musing Me

Since returning to England I have been trying to post occasionally. Very occasionally.

Then it was beginning to border on regularly.

But I have a problem.

Sadly, I am hampered by a lack of local real-time Bajan photos. More particularly because I cannot keep the “feel of the place” as true as I would like.

O.K., I can blog truthfully about Barbados from here, but I can blog more bajan-like when on the island. Yes?

There, I am in my own territory and among the people and the landscape. There, I am quite relaxed, at ease. There, I go with the flow. There, I am in my element.

Nothing, nothing, in England can evoke the feeling required to give me that fully present, genuine Barbadian feel or flavour which I want it to have.

Well, I don’t feel the same way as when I am writing from there listening to the wind in the palm trees, the lilt of the people, the sound of the surf….drinking Mauby…..

Here, I am relaxed. But only in myself. Here, I am at ease. But only with myself and a few other people. Here, I go with the flow. But it is a flow I create as I swim upstream. There, I am in my element; here I have to secure yet draw upon that element within me.

But it is all elemental isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™„ Life, that is.

Photo: pixaby

Seriously, maybe it is just psychological and I am not quite over my vexation at not being able to settle in Barbados and only visit England as need be.

Here I write with nostalgia and a wisp of….???

There I write from a heart filled with Mauby, Banks Beer, Pudding n Souse, Sea baths, Calypso, hot Sun, pot-holed narrow roads, walks along sandy beaches, Bajan talk, Bajan men ( lor help us), and just the smells.

I think Bajans have a smell. The smell of Bajan is what I miss most right now!!! ๐Ÿ˜

And if I seem stuck in the U.K. for an indefinite period, I surely am allowed to safeguard my bajanism within me. And this could make the blog less homey and more ‘clinical’. Do you agree?

Have you noticed a difference in my occasional posts since leaving Barbados? I mean it is still about Barbados by a Barbadian, but it is not written “from the Caribbean Island of Barbados” as the blog header boasts, is it?

Can I be sued? Anyway I am hoping for a holiday back home soon though; maybe later this year as the Virus truly buggers off.

Beach Tennis, Fly Fishing, St. Nicholas Abbey and Club Cricket here I come!

After all I must heed our Prime Minister, Mia Mottley’s call. ๐Ÿ™‚ In her Christmas message she desired that every Barbadian should go home in 2020! Well it is 2020, and the We Gathering in Barbados seems to be back on the agenda; and I am up for it.

Where’s my ticket Mia?!


Musing My Elements

While in Canada I got plenty exercise and really good inspirational times due to my love of the outdoors, Bradford’s spaciousness, and the Canadians’ wonderfulness and generosity of spirit. God bless Canada!

While there I was still brimming with my Bajan elementals as well so I don’t think the spirit of this blog suffered, but hey, I then came back to London and it has been hard work.

Now in the U.K. there is a lack of spaciousness and the great outdoors from where I sit. And nostalgia is kicking in big time as I write and try to write. So much so that I. am. beginning. to. gripe.

I am only now, after 2+ years back, settling in, and this grumpy griping me has recently bagun to surface. It is not who I want to be. It is not who this blog needs. Help!!!

Mind you, I have to move soon and haven’t sorted out where to as yet (still exploring options) but it is on the cards and I am ready. If I could afford it I’d move right away.

Some proper place with lots of space, and a few trees. Then once the paperwork associated with that was sorted and I was sure the place would be kept for me, I’d be off to Barbados like a shot!

On returning to the U.K. I was homeless for a few months. Yes, homeless. Hence my participation in the video and other stuff related to homelessness. It was something I sort of expected, but not its harshness.

Yet, miraculously I survived with many of my marbles still in tack, and am on my way now to greatness!

Well I’d better be. I’ve got a blog to write! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ll let the Elements do their stuff.ย  After all, it is all elemental darling.


Love and peace.

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