Still Flying High!

So very proud to update a former post, Flying High In Barbados, with this news gleaned from the Barbadian microlighter, Paul Nugent, who wrote on 23 November:

“This week I received the British Microlight Aircraft Association Silver Badge in recognition of valued support to the BMAA and the sport / Activity for over ten years. I feel humbled as this means a lot to me and look forward to the next ten years of safe flying in Barbados sky’s.Proud to represent airsports in Barbados !”

If you meet him, tell him I said ‘high’.  Seriously,  beautifulbarbadosblog salutes him.

Local School and Church groups visit the aerosport club at the Barbados Aerodrome for inspiration and education.  They get to see the craft and ask questions, and learn a thing or two, so the business is obviously child friendly.

The Barbados Light Aeroplane Club is on the South Ramp of the airport, and is where you will find Paul Nugent and the other micolighting fans.  In the hanger with their ships, waiting to greet you.

Paul credits of one of their satisfied customers as saying that the trips are “fun, safe, and unique”,  and I would think they should be rather enjoyable.  I remember sitting in a car with a friend on the road outside the fenced in club area and hoping…wishing.  Well I intend to give it a go next time I’m home!

It is a way to get another view of beautiful Barbados.  Flying high with an experienced pilot, taking some aerial photos of my island home, while he points out some of the places and beaches I know…but from the sky!

Adventure or pure adrenalin rush, microlighting is for me.

Oh, and btw if you get there before I do,  get me a Christmas Gift Certificate.  Maybe I can use it on my trip home in the new year. Just ask.  And give Paul a kiss from me, it might be the thing to ‘clinch the deal.’  🙂


All images/media used were copied from PaulNugent/Airsport Barbados and remain their property.

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