Hockey Night in Barbados

Cartoon In Barbados. Bruce Outridge Productions likes Cartooning in Barbados, a caricature’s holiday habit that provides everyone with a momento, and lots of fun too. And why not?

Bruce Outridge Productions

Hockey Night in Barbados is this years cartoon of the gang that meets in Barbados every year. Every year I do a cartoon of different areas and events from our travels to the islands and include as many friends as possible in the picture.

It started in 2015 with Friends of Rockley Beach and quickly became a hit with our friends and some of the bar owners in the region. In 2016 the picture was a private commission for our friends at the Tiki Bar and in 2017 The Bajan Tradition Catamaran picture had the crew on our annual seaside adventure.

This year Bert’s Bar a sports establishment that showed all the hockey games closed down this year so I featured our friends that hung out there. If I meet you in Barbados maybe you will appear in one of the cartoons. If you would like a free copy of…

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