God Bless you Barbados

The PM of Barbados, the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley says in her Christmas Message we’re all to go home to Barbados  in 2020 to celebrate our unique nature.  Yeah!!

For now though, Barbarians must stay focussed on rebuilding our country, and it’s reputation in the international monetary/financial markets as a country with integrity and genuine productive capabilities.

After all, the nation island is a hot tourist destination, and we must safeguard our name and product.

But when is a Message a Message?


While her Christmas message is thought provoking (e.g. where are we all going to stay if every Bajan and those with Bajan connections, and friends from outside Barbados showed up in 2020? not to mention the genuine tourists!) it has a peculiar nature.

This is not your usual type of Christmas message, though to some it may be accepted as such – a mere traditional Christmas Message trotted out by a head of state.

But listen closely and you may find that it gives also a unique insight into the woman herself, as Prime Minister.

This is Mia Mottley, the woman leader, saying “listen to me”.  Clearly and distinctly, this is not an ‘address to the nation of Barbados’, but a message.

So here is a video clip of the Christmas Message by the PM, so that we can all listen closely to ‘the message.’

The Message

God Bless you Barbados.

And Merry Christmas. 🙂




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