Flying High with Airsport Barbados

In my island home there are definitely a variety of things to interest our tourist visitors and others. The island itself is interesting and the people variously so, as I am trying to show in this our blog…

Occasionally I do post or re-blog stuff for those of you who are wondering about “things to do in Barbados”.

One of the pleasureable things to do on your trip might be sea-bathing.  Some might prefer diving. Others stick to partying, clubbing and sight-seeing.  But how many of us have tried Microlighting in a tropical vacation paradise?

For those who wish to try it, there is Airsport Barbados which is dedicated to your desire to “fly high”.


Airsport Barbados

Airsport Barbados,  a light aeroplane company servicing Barbados and the wider Caribbean, is leading the way in light aircraft experience and learning in the Caribbean.

Paul Nugent and friend are both Barbadian citizens and operate the business, whose photographs are used here, and copyrighted to Steve Grimshaw.  

They will help you fly high in the sky from morning through to sunset.  Want a few clouds? They can no doubt arrange it.

Want it cloudlessly blue?  Well just hang on!

Airsport is crewed for exhilarating jetsetter leisure, and with these guys  you might even learn the basics of flying! They can take you on a bucket-list type aviation dream…

Microlighting Barbados, particularly around the East Coast of this tropical island, providing opportunities for spectacular aerial photography and breathtaking adventure.  You really touch on the extreme sports once you embark on this fun, adrenaline joy-ride in the sky.

They like to fly high in their flexwing aircraft to stunning views from an open cockpit, and their aerial tours are an easy-going, no-hassle, happy alternative way to see Barbados and explore her geographics, while adding to your vacation story.

Why not fly Barbados?  From take-off to touch-down there is a perfect 360 view of your stress-free Bajan holiday getaway.

So fly high in a model of a plane that lets you glide way above the beautiful landscape taking in microscopic bird’s eye details of the land sky and waters!

Oh, and did I mention that you’d probably be using the strip at Barbados’ Sir Gantley Adams International Airport?!   You can arrive on the island as a passenger,  but leave as a microlight flyer!!!!

Fly high with Airsport Barbados.

Tel:  (246) 261 1676