Beds Beaches ‘n Bars- Twitter Barbados

We all want a comfy bed.  A place to lay our head, on a sultry night.

We all would love a decent beach.  A place to drag our feet, on a peaceful shore.

We all can use a cosy bar.  A place to sip our dreams, on a break water.

The island of Barbados has a beach, a bar and a bed for you.

Find yourself a place to lay your head, drag your feet, and sip your dreams on a sultry peaceful break.


Traffic on Barbados beaches, bars, and beds, is live on Twitter every day! Totally Barbados   recently tweeted this Beach View hotel discount on beds in October.

photo: Totally Barbados @Barbados_Island

Many tweets are from the official accounts of places in Barbados, providing a great easy way to plan your holiday itinerary.

Or just to browse and keep up to date on what’s on offer, and what’s going on island resort wise.  For example:








Port Ferdinand

These are a few of the accounts I checked, some I follow.  Search out a bed, a beach, and a bar,  and Come Sit In Barbados.


    • If you’re staying in an hotel make sure you check it has good internet connection. There are no internet cafes and the libraries are few and town based.
      Welchman Hall Gully, Coddington College, Andromeda Gardens, Airsport Barbados, Huntes Gardens, and all of the St. Andrew Parish. :). Airports take up in the air to fly with the birds, and the others afford an opp of maybe capturing some on camera.
      The Barbados Museum and a day at the horse racing…/
      Main tips: Relax, chill out, buy food from local vendors, use public transport (minivans mostly but cheap and a ‘thrill’; take few clothing inc. a sports jacket for semiformal wear, bottle the tap water to take around with you – it is safe and free- don’t stress, never be in a hurry cause Bajans tend to take things slow (inc bank clerks etc); speak to the security guards where you’re staying as they usually like to chat and are mostly ‘in the know’; try a Rum Shop to meet and relax with locals – no objection to soft drinks there; SUN BLOC & SUNGLASSES.

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