The Barbados/ DailyTelegraph Connection

Bottom Bay, Barbados. Photo: AP


What does The Telegraph have to do with Barbados?

Well, Barbados is a wonderful tropical island which gets many visitors each year enjoying her charms.  So of course the Telegraph had to, and continually does, poke its big nose around her trying to sniff out little tit-bits of serious journalism for its….travel guide.  That’s it!


The Telegraph Connection

Barbados is a travel destination popular for its beaches, mostly safe sane people, and quaint culture of entertainment.  If you are making a Tropical Paradise Travel Plan,The Daily Telegraph, one of the U.K.’s leading newspapers (broadsheet) has some tips for you and your family.

Destination Expert, Fred Mawer, has some “tried-and-tested suggestions” for those planning a trip to Barbados, which he shares with the Telegraph’s readers.  From hiking to cheap drinks and vacationing on a budget, he discounts the myth that Barbados is solely a playground for the affluent and famous jet-set.  Discover when it is more affordable to visit, how to get around and even ideas on where to stay.  Like me, he ranks Coconut Court as a lovely little “best-value” place to stay, but also has a few other suggestions which are very good.

Read the Telegraph’s expert guide (their own words) and see why the island paradise is described as having five parts.

Back in 2017, Chris Leadbeater, another Telegraph Travel Writer, celebrated Barbados’  51st. Anniversary of Independence by liking the country to….Kent?!  Uhmmm…….rather interesting I think, and he has all of 13 reasons he calls facts to back his theory.

Image: GETTY

Then too is generally much information on gardens in Barbados, including the Chelsea Flower show entries, historic grand homes and houses, and readers’ tips – somewhat like Tripadvisor here – and much more.  But not exhaustively so.  You must visit to live it!



Travel serenely.


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