Now In The UK

Yes, I am now in the UK.  I am back in London.  I have been here for almost three months now.

Will I ever get back to Barbados?  Surely.  Even if it is on my demise, for it is there I would love to be interred.  It is after all, and forever will be, my island home.

Life has brought me full circle, yet it is not a circle, because life has gone on.  Things have happened, things have changed, situations seemingly similar are truly different.  I am different.

Places have changed or gone missing- like the old Pub that used to be next to Dalston Kingsland Station.  So too people have moved, or ‘gone missing’.  No use trying to reach them on Social Media or their iPhones, they have obviously altered their preferences in contact or habitat.

I too had to change some contact means and modes.  That happens when you travel and fail to take care of little things like remembering your email security details for instance.  Also, setting up new physical addresses somehow means clearing away the clutter and you end up with ‘lost’ friends – yet still no immediate room for new ones.

I flick in memory from what it/I was like before I travelled home to Barbados.  I flash from beautiful images of Sun Sea and Sand to those of long walks and a gorgeous Summer in Bradford, Ontario, with great neighbours and new acquaintances and friends.

Then I look around, and here I am, now, in the UK.

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I am not on a ‘journey of remembrance’ here.  I have merely returned.

But why am I thinking:  “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”?  ( Hotel California) 🙂

I have returned fitter stronger happier and more content.  Or should I rather say satisfied?   Satisfied at having closed some doors, at having got the opportunity to connect with the past, and past loved ones.  Satisfied with where I find myself….

In England.




  1. You must be missing Barbados. Even just for the weather. I was born in Holland but have lived in Australia for many years. I am neither here nor there and feel inside-outside. I still dream of going back and live in Holland but at the thought of the rain and cold, I think I might resist the temptation. ( for now)

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