One Jacket



Just a couple doors down from Surfer’s Cafe is a quiet place to relax  with a cup of herbal tea.

One Jacket is a nice small but ‘big’ place.  Big in heart and generosity if not in space. Much like its owner/manger Tina, a lovely person who is into herbs and anything organic, it is welcoming and homely.  Be prepared for the humour and bubbly laughter as well as the home-made breads and muffins (Banana, Carrot, etc.) and fruit juices (Lemon & Ginger, Mango, Soursop etc..).

The menu is what you want it to be, given what is in season, and whether you can spend a few minutes as the lady Tina gets that salad just right for you.

She can also guide you on the fresh herbs which she supplies and uses for her teas, like Lemon-Grass, Cerasee,  Moringa .


More than a health shop or deli, One Jacket is the cool quiet friendly pit stop for freshly made sandwiches, juices and the beautifully baked and presented Jacket Potato.  You can order, take-away, or sit and relax at one of the two tables inside as you chat with Tina, or listen to the radio/music or TV, or read a magazine.

One Jacket is one privately owned personal yet impersonal eatery where you can share a couple hours with a friend.  Give Tina a shout at 1246-622-1723 any Monday to Friday 8-2pm, or Saturday 9-2pm and let her know you’ll be dropping by for a few of her delicious Cutters.

One Jacket Fresh Food Deli.  The big gift in the small box.   See you there!


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