A First Look At Sandals

Sandals resort in Maxwell, Christ Church is a rather new venture by Elegant Hotels.




Although the beachfront property is in operation, there is still construction work going on the adjacent buildings. The guests though seem to be happy and enjoying themselves, and the facilities, at the finished building.




In fact I saw one wedding being performed on the beach and evidence of others, so all seems to be going well.


The beach is another sandy affair along the Dover stretch of hotels and restaurants.dscn0845

Maxwell Beach at the bottom of Maxwell Coast Road, off Maxwell (Main) Road, is like a tourist haven.  Quiet and somewhat secluded, though a familiar site with locals, you can only walk so far in either direction until you have to be scrambling over and around rocks and rocky formations.  That being said, it is a long enough walk for a bit of relaxing exercise or a cool evening stroll with your partner.


The resort itself has three pools though the sea is warm and welcoming all day, and appropriate help seems to be in place for those who get too adventurous.



Remember, not too much alcohol before diving, kayaking, sailing, swimming or snorkeling!



Sandals, Maxwell, Christ Church, on Maxwell Beach seems to be aiming for the elegance and lavishness claimed by their sister resorts.  A great deal of digging and shifting of coastal land, and heavy construction, has gone into the making of a place of which only Elegant Hotels can know the real value.



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