St Christopher Anglican Church

In need of some minor repairs but still standing, the St Christopher Anglican Church and Seifert Bynoe Memorial Church Hall is a landmark in the Parish of Christ Church.


This low-slung building built in the shape of a cross – cruciform – is warm and unassuming.  It was once used as a school and in 1971 it was consecrated/dedicated St. Christopher’s Chapel, gaining full ecclesiastical status as St. Christopher’s Church around 1974.  The Rev. Canon Henderson Guy is the Priest-In-Charge.





A place of worship and spiritual wellness its building is again showing signs of the wear and tear of being close to the sea in a tropical island.




Noted for its small casement windows, and narrow wooden doors, St. Christopher lays claim to having an unusually large bell tower.  It is a well known Church on the island, sitting atop a gently sloping hill overlooking the Silver Sands Beach and the nearby resort.







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