Zone 5


For a peaceful day, a day of serene sublime pleasure, visit my Zone 5.

“The wise man knows that it is better to sit on the banks of a remote mountain stream than to be emperor of the whole world.”
― Zhuangzi (

It may not be the banks of a remote mountain stream but is just as good; or better.

This bit of the South Coast has a flavor of the East Coast though nestled snuggly between Oistins and the beach where a new Sandals is being built and operated.  From here on up, travelling Eastward, it feels like a confluence of wind sand and silt is changing the water into something more mellifluous, more porous yet more dense – or velvety.  And it really begins here.

Christ Church parish is next to St. Philip Parish where the eastern coastline begins (in my opinion) and the closer one gets to St. Philip one can sense a shift in wind and topography.  Yet not all the beaches on Christ Church, not the ones nearer or further away than this one, has that feel of the ruggedness which you will definitely encounter on the East coast.

This bay is my Convergence Zone…

It is an area of “stabilization”.  Like the stabalizers on your child’s tricycle it helps to keep you steady as you push off into whatever encounter, bolster your determination, and confidence, without kidnapping your  newly found will.

Here on this small stretch of sand, from this Bay that was always no more than a little known recluse until the hotels came, you can launch your thoughts and desires.



The winds travelling from the Atlantic, some of them perhaps ‘stray’, turn in here and seem to want to go no further South unless they go inland first;  dispersing as the go, under the Sun and in the night’s heat.  It seems like the water sucks them in, giving it its peculiar buoyancy.  Perhaps it is to do with the geophysical nature of the place. Captured between outcrops of coral reef and land

which occur before the relatively smooth curve of the ‘real’ South Coast, the tide or its currents finalizes expiration.


This Caribbean beach was itself fairly rugged and inaccessible in terms of foliage (vines trees shrubs) but has suffered some erosion.






And the removal of older buildings



This beach gives out onto the Dover Coast Road a semi-secluded tourist area of mainly hotels and guest houses for the better heeled visitor.  Most of the old (money) houses have now been sold or leased to foreign interests, or renovated to provide apartments and condos for those with new money.







It is not as neglected, or lonely, as it may appear






what with on shore hotels and restaurant







every day will see a few locals or tourists lounging in the tropical sun or enjoying the gentle swell of the waves and the ocean breeze.

Picnics and barbeques are common on a Sunday, and any day can be a doggy day.

My Zone 5, though off the beaten track, is still a place to meet up with close friends.




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