Surfer’s Cafe

Whether you intend writing a book or relaxing in the afternoon with a cool drink Surfer’s Café, Barbados, is the place to do it.

You might also get some cool bird pics to go with it.

A Visitor From Norway At The Café


With beautiful sea views and a quiet cool interior this smallish café is an award winner, even with Trip Advisor.

I have an Americano there in the forecourt, usually after a bit of shopping at the nearby Supermarket. Smoking is only allowed on the benches in front so I take the opportunity to rest a bit, have a fag and maybe get to chat with a visitor or two.  On this occasion I met a Writer/Journalist from Norway who seemed satisfied with his Surfer’s Café experience.

The food is regular well done fare served by a team of helpful ladies who know how to smile.   This day I had gone in for a meal and a couple Whiskies and to gaze dreamily out to sea, but the Norwegian had beat me to my favourite seat.  Of course I had a word with him about that and when he was leaving managed to snap a photo of him in front of the Café. 🙂

My meal was fried flying fish with fries that were savoury and rather more-ish.

Fried Flying Fish With Fries

What makes this place ideal for some is its location.  It is a couple stone’s throw away from Oistin’s Fish Market in the small town of the same name.  It is the only kind in the vicinity and is next-door to a laundromat and a very small organic Deli.  This location is  paramount to the great  ocean views.

These shots were taken from my favourite spot on the balcony





Watch The Tide

The breezes are full of the smell of the waves; and the fishing boats and birds hovering near the Market create an idyllic vista.


dscn0483dscn0505 dscn0485


You can also get a look at the Oistin’s Jetty and any activity there.




But what of the interior?  Here’s just a little peek.  I really was too busy staring out, to be looking in. 🙂


Off To The Side
Toilets On The Left

I didn’t take a photo of the main dining area (to the right of the platform) but I definitely had to take one of the w/c closet! dscn0536


Yes.  I was astonished that a blowhole, hole-in-the-wall, or whatever you may call it, was staring me in the face as I entered.  It is certainly not your average ‘window’, but perhaps the most natural ventilation for  this kind of amenity!

Surfer’s Café of course has music and musicians on their schedule, ranging from Acoustic to the ‘ole DJ or live Band and is a place to go, if only for the views.



  1. […] Surfers Café is a small venue on the South Coast of Barbados.  It has a few reviews on Trip Advisor and artistes such as Paige and Jonathan who are serious about their craft tend to get a booking there.  The Banfields’ band was giving this rehearsal all they had, and why not?  Apparently they have been on the circuit for a while now and are kept busy with performances at various Tourist and local venues, so busy perhaps that they haven’t been bothering to update their Facebook page; well not since February. […]


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