Sights Along A Coastal Road

Here are some sights you may see as you drive walk or otherwise travel along a stretch of one of the busiest South Coast roads.

As I am attempting to give a fair and just portrait of what Barbados is really like, and why I love it so, you will not see gloss and glamour unless it is there.  I am no use with shopping photos anyway.  🙂

Each and everything here on the island has its own quaintness uniqueness and beauty, and  each little thing and every person makes up the sunny whole.  I think so highly of this tropical island paradise that everything is special, even the burnt out rundown buildings.

Why hide them?  No.  We are an island in need of some financial ‘juice’ but I don’t think we are beggarly as yet.  Nothing can eat the heart out of what is free natural and good here in this tiny Caribbean getaway.

Images tell a tale.  The images in this blog will continue to show you some of the story of what Barbados really looks like.  From them you should get a feel for the place. 🙂  And if any one of you and your families choose to holiday or return here?  Well, why not?

So here are some more unadulterated photographs of sights on a certain stretch of coastal road in the South of Barbados.


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