Chilling It


Youngsters Being Young


In The Shallows


They played with each other.  They played with their dog.  They played with the sea-weed. They were just youngsters chilling it on the beach, in my special place.

They laughed and swam and dove and chilled it out on the ocean boulders.  They showed me a turtle swimming nearby.  They collected the moss in a tub and placed it artistically along the water’s edge.

They made me smile and made my time sea-bathing at my special beach ever more special.

Their friendship was real.  Their relationship not obvious.  They might be pals or blood kin, or a mix of the two.  It was not important because their time of leisure and chilling it had more meaning than just mere pals or brothers at a beach.  It had the beauty essence flavor of an adventure created organically by them.  It was innocence at play and humble youth on display.   Chilling it.


Innocently Young


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