Cancer: Walk for the Cure

Whether they walk or run they do it with a smile,  and with a determination worthy of the cancer patients for whom they seek to raise funds and awareness.  Sunday 2 October 2016 I witnessed thousands of Barbadians, young and old,”walk for the cure.”



Sponsored by CIBC First Caribbean for five years now, this year’s walk was organised in partnership with the Barbados Cancer Society (Breast Screening Unit), and it was so pleasing to see the children especially, who seemed happy, taking part in greater numbers in this island event.

It was definitely a family affair. Babies and toddlers were catered for.  Older kids had their play area which added to the feel of a great community fair as there was entertainment put on for them as well as the adults.  Bands and singers gave it their all to keep the over 150,000 people in good spirits before and after the actual walk/run, while the MCs and DJs kept us up-to-date with the progress of the race amid the jokes and safety announcements.


Not all the clowning was on stage however. 🙂



and there were booths offering information on Cancer for those interested or affected in any way; as well as refreshment stalls for this massive crowd, all around the Warrens, St. Michael complex.

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There were different routes for the four sections of 10K Run or Walk and 5K Run or Walk.   Out in the sunny hot afternoon, some were grimacing as they covered the kilometres, producing their best for a good cause.




The afternoon’s race/walk ended on a high.  No accidents or injuries of note.  Just a few tired or foot sore participants who once again showed the true beauty of Barbados and Barbadians.




Proceeds of the “Walk for the Cure” and other funds are for the purchase and maintenance of equipment for Cancer treatments and diagnosis; and for assistance, care and counselling for the patients and their families or carers, as well as to help with education campaigns to raise awareness.

Thanks to CIBC First Caribbean and the many proud Barbadians who made the afternoon so special.

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