The Playing Field

Spot the Ball!


The Football pitch in these photos is more than just that.  The grounds are those of the famous Wanderers Cricket Club.  It hosts a variety  children’s games as well,  like tug-o-war, sack races, egg and spoon, treasure hunts etc as the Club is a Community affair.

Located in Bynoe’s Gap, Christ Church, and part of the Bynoe Estate, it has a reputation for turning out national and regional stars.


Football (Soccer) practice and games are a staple here, as much as the Cricket which draws large crowds from across the island and tourists and visitors from overseas. 🙂


The parking is limited as this is a close with some of the oldest homes, like the Bynoe’s (now occupied by  Sir Shridath Ramphal) right on the premises.  The Gap itself is short, with the Bynoe House and its adjoining cottages at its end and spread along one Boundary.  It is all private property, though you might forget this despite the sign, as there is no longer any gate and entrance is at will except for paid events.dscn0307

It is usual to find more than one sport being practiced on the same afternoon and at the same time.  While the football/soccer players run around, some cricketers might be off in the far nets perfecting their batting and bowling.


The field is also a popular recreational spot for those who just want to sit quietly and relax, and for joggers and other exercise enthusiasts.  Dog walking is an occasional sight here too and is allowed as long as the walk is around the boundary and any poo is scooped. 🙂




The Club also holds presentations, parties and concerts so of course this field then becomes very much alive with the overspill from the Pavilion and the many marquees and food stalls.


If you get hurt, not to worry.  There is a Medical Doctor’s office just at the entrance to the Gap and PAHO/WHO residence (yellow building above photo) abutting the field!



These grounds though are all about Sport.  From young lads to Veterans can be found here at one time or another.



Oh, yes.  It has been know for some people just to park out here at night.  Perhaps to watch the stars?


I don’t think Stephen Farmer was ever one of them though.

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