To Be Or Not To Be?

Day three of the Challenge.  The last day, and I am thinking what quote will fittingly end the Challenge.  First was “A Friend In Need” then “May The Wind Be At Your Back” so obviously today’s quote must be: “To Be Or Not To Be..”.


“To Be Or Not To Be…”


This quote is taken from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and is also the title of a 1942 movie starring Jack Benny, Carole Lombard and Robert Stack.  It is a question that we all ask ourselves from time to time throughout life, even if we are not aware of doing so.  For it is the basis of all serious decisions.

It is a question to our selves, i.e. to our honour, to our integrity, to our courage – our valour, to our faith or belief  system, our will, our desire, our hope.  It is a thorough questioning of the Soul that when so answered will propel us in one direction or other.  Regardless.

So the origin is William Shakespeare’s 16 AD Tragedy, Hamlet, but what of its meaning?

The quote has no meaning of itself.  It is after all a question.  Like, “Which hotel should I stay at in beautiful Barbados?” or “Do they do adventure hikes or treks on the island?”

As a question it has an interpretation or perhaps explanation, which may be debated.  What Prince Hamlet is asking and deliberating in his soliloquy is whether or not to die. (Or ‘risk death’).

However, for us regular people the question is merely one we ask in any dilemma before we take action, or indeed refuse to act.  We can fight (“take arms against a sea of troubles”) or we can endure (“suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”).

Or we can flee (“To die, to sleep–…–and by a sleep To say we end the heartache,”).

Which is the choosable path in our life’s adventure?

What is the point and value of Life?  Do we suffer or do we fight?  And is not to die better?

Ah, “but there’s the rub,…”.


“To Be”

Sitting here in my tropical island home with the sun coming out and fresh breezes blowing after the storm, all I can think now is, it is better “to be”.


And maybe a better question, especially for those with wander lust, is: “How to book a cheap holiday flight to Bridgetown?” 🙂


 Thanks once more to Renegade Expressions for nominating me for this Challenge.  I needed it.

P.S.  If you love Hamlet’s soliloquy as much as I do, you may enjoy the one by Jack Benny in the Oscar nominated comedy movie even more.  If you can get to view it you should.


My final three nominees are:


Oosterman Treats Blog

Inner Whispers





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