May The Wind Be At Your Back


Windy And Wet


It is day two of the Challenge, and day two of Tropical Storm Matthew.   Well Matthew only really blew into town last night.  In fact very soon after I’d finished the post A Friend In Need.

I stayed up fairly late last night, sort of enjoying the beginnings of this hurricane as I like Nature’s display, and it is my first in about 25 years.  I was also a little apprehensive less it turned into something serious.  Guess I am not a little girl anymore. 🙂

What I totally enjoyed though was the wind.  And today there was much of it with plenty rain.   I had to go out!  To be part of the weather.

I watched the trees swaying and bending and smelled the rain.  Felt the wind.  I thought of the sailors; and I thought of my grandmother and grandfather and my great-aunt, and I remembered this saying:  “May the wind be at your back.”

This quote or saying has its origin in Irish Folklore and is part of an Irish ‘blessing’ which is really a sonnet, even though more people got to know it as a quote from a George Jung film.

The last time I used it was in 2012 and only remembered it again today.  Perhaps it came to me on the wind.  🙂

The meaning is pretty straightforward:  May all go well with you.  To a seafarer it would be,  May you have a smooth easy swift and safe passage.

As a topical island we have many sunny days, but on occasion we have hurricanes and storms blowing by making an adventure of our lives!  Yet on days like these I can only think of those out to sea, and those travelling in these conditions, and all I can think to say is: “May the wind be at your back.”

Life’s journey is common to us all.



Thanks again to Renegade Expressions for nominating me for this Challenge.

My nominees today are:

the Confessions of a Wanderer

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Elan Mudrow

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