I Used The Flash!

House With Hedge. Night Shot Using Flash
Night In The Gap

This night shot where I used the Flash for the first time properly    (well almost I suspect) is of a house I like.  There is something about its placement and the hedge and tree and the man-made white-painted ‘protective stone’ at the corner which always arrests my attention.  It seems artistically yet casually arranged.

Getting used to using the Nikon Coolpix P610* is taking me a while but I am enjoying experimenting with the buttons/dials. For me it is a chore to try to remember them and their purpose.  So I ‘experiment’ and fiddle around to make the process fun.   I have had to delete a number of photos but even those I found interesting.

Here is the same subject again, but softer and with effects:

House with hedge and tree
Dusky Night In The Gap

Photography is an Art (as well as Science) and I shall be proficient some day; but for now I really like that what is appealing in an artistic way, can be shared with visitors to this blog.

I am drawn to lines and shapes, and symmetry.  Sometimes too to oganised chaos. Yet I do not appreciate clutter.

Here’s hoping that Barbados will become clutter free.

Meanwhile I shall try to memorise and learn the use of the various buttons and controls on my new-ish camera.

Happy shooting!

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