A Seaside Walk

boardwalk barbados, caribbbean sea
Dusk On The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados, is well-known as a place for exercise and entertainment.  From Sunrise to Sundown there are joggers, Photographers with their Models, power walkers, keep fit groups going through their routines; as well as casual tourists, customers from the nearby Blakey’s Bar and the Chinese and Italian Restaurants, and a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.


This Boardwalk which begins (or ends) right next to my special Zone Two beach, runs from here right along the South Coast to the famous Accra Beach.  It is a nice stretch of walkway erected in part to stave off the erosion that was happening in some of this area.

There are lanterns spouting flames of fire from the onset of Dusk to afford some visibility and counteract any unsavoury business.  Regular electric lights were suggested but disproved as a good portion of this coastline is used at night by our protected Turtles to lay their eggs, and it was thought that such bright lights would negatively affect their habit.  Thankfully.

The lanterns are a far better choice from an aesthetic and conservationist stand point.

There is proper lighting of course within the establishments on the Boardwalk, but just not on the Boardwalk itself.  These lights from the tourists hotspots cast a soft glow at night, and together with the lanterns make the dining and after dinner stroll seem much more romantic.

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