Zone Two

Walking on up or Eastward from the “Comforting”  beach by the Coconut Court Hotel, one shall eventually reach my “Special” beach which some nearby residents refer to as ‘the kiddies pool’.  It is a regular of mine.

It is not a long walk and is subtly interesting. The beach’s terrain changes almost without one noticing it.  The sand is ever so slightly coarser, there are a couple of dips and small mounds caused by time, weather, ocean and man.  You shall pass a few beachfront houses set in from the beach, with low fencing, some foliage or trees, and a dog or two on at least one property. Oh, and perhaps the Coconut Crafts man may be out with his goods on display.


You’ll know you are nearly there when you see these roots with the remains of the Barbados flag on the crown-less tree.  There is a sort of “artwork” that was once a brightening spot here but is now weathered, though still rather amusing with its rusted old Barbados Bus Stop sign post, and rock and plant arrangement.

You shall have also the minimal exertion of stepping up a slab that indicates a type of natural drainage to the sea, which divides the two sections and appears to lead to the public road above.  This gives you time, if you choose, to pause and reflect or take in the scenery, then make a small skip to this…


This private back-yard or beach front area  appears mostly unused and marks the beginning of my special place.


Here it is.

Enjoy the day with visitors and locals alike in the ‘kiddies’ pool.  The snorkeling, swimming, fishing, lounging or simple sea-bathing is accompanied with laughter, conversation, quiet introspection or drink from the hotel close by.




people bathing in sea







This area despite its location close to the popular Boardwalk and a hotel is often  inactive, apart from the Saturday or Sunday afternoon picnic by a family or two. It is usually uninhabited by Sundown. It is more likely to see only one or two tourists and a Bajan perhaps, either fishing from on top those rocks, or snorkeling just beyond them.  It gets deeper out there of course. 🙂




This place is “special” for me as it induces a sort of communion with all that is Nature and naturally Nautical.  Whether sitting on those rocks or merely soaking in the refreshing pool, I get lured into a space seemingly inhabited by generations of sea creatures and seafarers.

It is my Zone Two.


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