Barbadian Homes





Older properties are built mostly from Coral Stone and Wood with many on two levels, whereas the more modern homes are built of Concrete, with only a few of Wood. Regardless of the style  though, it is now common for our homes to have a minimum of two bathrooms.

It is customary for Barbadians to design and build their own homes which often means that some houses are rather unique in their apportioning.  Although they may vary in appearance, houses tend to have some type of porch or verandah. This is usually a requirement as it provides a space to relax outdoors of an evening and watch the world go by.   {)

Beach front homes, as mentioned previously, have tended to be of Wood.


Some are rented during Barbados’ ‘official’ Tourist season which runs from December to April.  However, as Barbados is a holiday island resort with a stable and predictable weather pattern, it is true to say it has become a year-round travel destination.


The homes in Barbados are built for shelter, for comfort, for investment, but most of all for love.



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