Dominoes On The Beach




Dominoes is one of the first games quite a few Barbadians learn to play.  It is part of the communal or social scene in every place on the island.   Little ones grow up watching the oldsters and big brothers play it, until they in turn take over.

Even with the popularity of Basketball/Netball and other televised hyped sports and games such as Football (Soccer), Tennis, Poker, and the ever loved Cricket, Dominoes still is the leveler.

It is played at home, on street corners, in and outside shops, in clubs and meeting places, at Church fairs and social evenings, and on the beach.  Some people have had an ‘all-dayer’ where the Dominoes game is played for hours on end, with players queuing to take on the winners. And hardly ever for money.  It is a game for friends and community that is always accompanied by lively banter and sometimes much rum or beer, and a few ‘eats’.

Although a time for fun, Domino playing is serious stuff and there are people who will refuse to play with anyone who treats the game frivolously.  After all, it is part of our games tradition.




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