Highways And Byways

A “Gap”.


A City  “Junction”
A “Side Street”
A “Main Road”


A “Lane”

Looking at these photos one should get a fair idea of Barbados’ roads.  Narrow.

While some may be named “gaps” “streets” or “roads”  according to signs and customs, they are all more or less the same.   The exceptions are a couple of  “highways” which cater for more than two lanes; but these are less frequently used by tourists and are nothing like the highways most visitors from Europe, North America, etc are accustomed to.  They too are “narrow” by comparison, and because of our size (or length) come to an end rather quickly.

The terms gap, street, road and so on may be different but the purpose is the same.  To get you from one location to another.  And so, despite their narrowness and sometimes bumpiness, they serve their purpose beautifully.

I love the small roads, two lanes of traffic is far easier to navigate when I go walking in the evening.   Particularly as I often ‘jaywalk’,  ignoring crossing and traffic lights.  I mean, why walk another three minutes to a light or crossing when I can zip across the road in four steps to say Hi to a friend? Most drivers stop to let you cross anyway, and some get annoyed if you then don’t.

Barbados’ roads were once mud tracks, that have kept their original terms such as ‘gap’ and ‘lane’.  Now they are mainly tarmac smooth pieces of infrastructure that are as numerous as ever they were.  In fact, more so.

Barbados is well connected.


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