At The Court

Looking Through The Railings

The Coconut Court Hotel, Hastings, Barbados is a fine smallish hotel where the food is super and there is regular easy-going entertainment.  Including a weekly “Movie Night” and Barbecues.


From The Balcony

The rooms are kept cool by a choice of AC or Ceiling Fan, and the Chamber Maids service is both relaxed and efficient.  Being self-service, it is only one minute away from the pleasant Minimart.


Coconut Palms

There is shade and a good supply of beach chairs, even around the pools.  Yet I spent most of my time there relaxing on the balcony drinking in the fresh salty air and enjoying the peace.  I did watch some television on their ‘flat screen’ of an evening before popping off to sleep in a very clean spacious and comfortable bed, to the sound of the rolling waves.

In the mornings, following my pre-arranged wake-up call (so as not to miss sunrise sea-bath and a filling breakfast), I’d be back on the balcony breathing the fresh air as I sipped a first coffee.    After breakfast it was time to shower and dress for the day’s chores.  Things like going for a walk, visiting St. Philip or Bridgetown or just moseying on down to the Garrison Savannah and the George Washington Tea Rooms.

Here I am ready to go

Ready To Go

Wish you were here.






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