Barbados My Island Home -1

I love Barbados.  Always have, always shall.  It is my home.

Barbados is 166 sq. miles measured Northwest to Southeast.    It was first inhabited by Amerindians before colonisation by the English, who introduced both white English and black African slaves and sugar plantations.  Between then and now many immigrants, not always bonded (slaves/indentured), have made their home here while many have also left.  Panamanians, Portuguese, Dutch, Africans,Swedes, and others of all colours and hues.  Quite a few of the ‘black’ Barbadians were not African slaves but heralded from other parts, I am told.

Barbados is a peaceful island and its people are peace-loving and “laid-back”.  They are also well educated, thanks to the foresight of its first Prime Minister, Errol Walton Barrow, who was a driving force not only for Independence but for the overall development of the Barbadian people.



I was born in England to a Barbadian mother and a… well let’s just say a father that was neither Barbadian, from the Caribbean,  nor  English, nor…???

At a very tender age I was transported to Barbados to live with my maternal grandparents. Thus began my love affair with the island, and its people.



And so having this blog viewed, and even having people like posts and/or commenting, is pleasing.  I love Barbados….

Thank you for visiting.


I shall write more on Barbados My Island home in the near future, but right now I must get back to the photographs. After all, I now have a brand new Nikon Coolpix P610* to play with.  No more mobile phone pictures! 🙂



  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I love yours and will be back to read some more. It is very clear how much you love your island home. Nice camera; I envy you. I just got myself a Coolpix L840 (idiot proof – aim and push the button) this week and can’t wait for the rainy weather to clear up. Photos will be taken!

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