A Tale Of Two Trees

Tree by Design


Every Tree tells a story.  But this is a Tale of Two Trees.  Two trees that grew side by side, so closely that their roots intertwined; yet so different that they matured and branched as if they hardly knew each other.

Though many people mistook them for a twin, they were not siblings but neighbours.  Neighbours  with the same foundation, ensconced in the same patch of earth sharing the same land; and bearing the brunt of the same  nurturing weather. Yet for all this they turned out differently.

It has been said that the thicker sturdier neighbour sucked more of the nutrients of the common soil and that this is why it was always more sound, more steadfast and upright.  It has also been said that the slimmer neighbour, which was not very much slimmer in truth, was always given to gaiety and was more flambuoyant; and that this is why it branched out so early.

“So early?”

” Well, it branched before its neighbour did.”

“Ah, the neighbour with all the nutrients.  I guess it had to prove a point.”


After many, many long years the truth of these two tress was finally known.  It was at this time too that they began speaking to each other again.  For you see, they had not spoken to each other since the ignominy, the disrespect, the sheer impudence of that first ‘premature’ branching.  Had not they been grounded in the same patch of earth sharing the same land, and needing it, and unable to uproot themselves and plant their roots elsewhere this tale would have been another story.  However the Nature of Things dictated that they themselves stay put while their blossoms and leaves flourished and fell, or were swept away by wind rain hurricane and Man.  As for any seeds they may have engendered, only the Birds could tell you of them.  For these two trees know not where their offspring might be.  This they found out by finally speaking to each other again after many, many long years.

A Man came along and began to denude them of their branches, their prized possessions.  These were not tall trees, these two, and so their only claim to any sense of stateliness or stature, indeed their only real attraction, was their branches.

“Ouch, that must have hurt.”

” :)”

“It must have been like cutting off their libido.”


The Man began with the precocious, flambuoyant tree and that first branch of many many years ago was the first to be severed.  It was severed, and its knob was seared and gouged.  “A bit like root-canal” thought the Man as he worked.  It was then that these two trees started speaking to each other again…

“After many, many long years.”

As the Man finished and moved around the tree reaching a gloved hand up to a second branch, the sturdier and presumably more well fed tree said to its cut neighbour:  “I guess it is time then.  We always knew that this would happen.”  “Yes,”  said the other, “Either Man or Nature.”


Nature is by nature ordered.






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