Lost For Words

Nature At Work


  1. Reblogged this on beautifulbarbadosblog and commented:

    Since taking this photo of ‘Nature at Work’ back in 2016, I have been remembering its beauty and intricacy.

    Looking back at it a few moments ago, I realised that I had sought clarification on what it was, and if there were more such like in Barbados….but I had not posted the info! So I am rectifying this, while reminding you of the beauty to be found around our little island, if only in a tree.
    This is what one scientist attached to Andromeda Gardens said in her email response to my query:
    The common name is cannon ball tree. Botanical name Couroupita guianensis. Native to northern South America but you can look up more details on the internet. There are a few of these growing in Barbados – one in Andromeda, and a rather special one in Chattel Village, St James.

    If you love trees there are at least 84 different species of trees at Andromeda Botanic Gardens – time for another visit?


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